North Star Ritual Pack

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The North Star Ritual  is a way of creating a calm space in order to set clear intentions. It is based on the concept of setting your inner compass to point you in your true direction. The North Star is the anchor of the northern sky, it is a sky marker that glows brightly to guide and lead towards a purposeful destination.

This small ritual pack includes a beautiful bandeau and hand-painted pouch bag by Andrea Viêntëc, Lavana Wild Raw Honey Face Scrub with a black linen cloth and the Wild Night Serum. We have also included a sage and lavender cleansing bundle to burn before the ritual. We think this is a beautiful way to welcome in the Spring, with intention and focus.


1.Before the cleansing, burn the bundle to purify the space.

2.The bandeau can be used as you cleanse and then after as a wonderful accessory to any outfit.

3.The honey scrub is a gentle exfoliant to be rubbed gently over the face and removed with the linen flannel.

4.The night oil is charged with the summer flower helychrisum matured in black cumin seed oil and contains the amazing cactus seed oil too. Massage it into the face and neck and hairline.

We think of this as an evening ritual and as you do it under the night sky simply ask, wordlessly or out loud, “Where or what is my North Star?” Because when you find your North Star, you know where you’re headed.

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