Andrea Vientec

I created Andrea Viêntëc Turbans and other Experiments in 2011,  a project that combines my background in Arts with a passion for timeless fashion. 

I prefer to think of myself as largely self-taught, despite having studied Art at university in Barcelona with a focus on sculpture, taken a variety of fashion courses and later millinery at Central Saint Martins in London. I have always been drawn to fabrics, to taking materials to their limit, often in unconventional ways and as a natural progression has created many pieces and costumes for theatres, commercials and short films. 

To date, my turbans and other experiments have been featured in Vogue, Glamour and the Spanish newspaper El País and exhibited in showrooms all around Barcelona. I’ve carried out exciting collaborations with designers Ana Tichy, Sara de Ubieta, Georgina Vendrell and El Colmillo de Morsa. These days my clients come from all over the world and they purchase online or at my atelier on the peaceful, plant-filled Passatge Sert in the heart of Barcelona

I like to think of my headpieces as sculptures – partly because the creative process sometimes uses moulds and wire support structures, but also because they turn the person wearing them into a kind of sculpture. They are head-strong pieces, bold expressions, and by wearing one the owner is announcing his or her personality. 

Every head garment has a story to tell, a creative journey. All of the fabrics are carefully sourced and dyed by hand, often using natural pigments and plant dyes that can have surprisingly beautiful results, or not work at all! And the story continues when the owner steps out of the shop wearing one of these transformative pieces as if this new and exciting variation of themselves will, in turn, lead them on to new adventures. I have a vivid imagination…

Come and visit me in my workspace and let me show you the twists and folds of fabrics that can magically transform any outfit. Touch the sumptuous silks dyed with natural plant dyes and bottle green, silk velvet plaids; try on the wine red pieces edged in gold and glittery silver bonnets. Once you’ve tried one on, the sky is the limit really, as they say.

Edited by Vicky Collier