May we play and generate new interests. Games + other uses.

Welcome to what I intend to be the laboratory of the unknown!

I will shake up all my intentions as a milliner, therefore, headwear might gain or lose its purpose to become a sculpture for our next game.
This is a space to experiment and be playful. In fact, I invite you to join me if we are in making of one of your custom-made pieces.
By playing together it will be easier to find a common ground which will lead to creating a similar language, a better understanding.
Here you will find different “exercises” I have been developing, a bespoke technique to stimulate the creative process.

Take embroidery also as a ceremonial practice to ‘engrave’ powerful words into a headpiece.
The stitched words are mantras in Sanskrit I chant during my meditations.
By repeating these mantras when entering your introspection they help you maintain your meditative state.
The game I suggest is that the touch of the embroidered words (the relief on the fabric) will have a similar effect to humming the mantras.

Elevating textiles

Exercise #2

When you’ve been brewing an idea for a long while, you let it grow, mutate. You’ve talked about it, listened to others and tampered with it. Now we’re ready to go.

These new objects will deal with the power of self-suggestion, words will be printed and/or sewn in well-thought locations of the fabric and they will later coincide with a powerful spot in your body.

We’ll work on hand-dyed fabrics and vegetable dye (hand-picked flowers and leaves, etc).

Vegetable ink will be used in this process as a part of a ceremonial making.


Exercise #1

(Games & other uses)
First exercise of this platform. We produced 4 iconic headpieces of our brand in a bland material and colour, suggesting a blank canvas. Then we introduced such items to kids and we invited them to play with the former hat shapes in the woods.

This game became a source of ideas, a healthy way to relocate preconceived intentions of what objects are used and how are they used. A humbling proposal for ourselves where the freer the game the more inspiring it becomes.

After a while the objects lost their former function completely.
Open turban turned into a flag, rescue rope, climbing rope.
Half braid became a tribe feather and leaves collector gadget, slingshot, tie rope.
Fez hat was a very cozy nest for some family of small birds, forest treasures basket.
Loop turban became a hanging nest for birds and other forest creatures.

Models: Martí + Cesc