Solstice Sisters Turbans

Solstice Sisters

Solstice Sisters Las hijas del solsticio is a photographic series by Las Coleccionistas and Andrea Viêntëc headwear. With lavender harvesters in mind, Andrea creates pieces with renewed patterns made of embroidered silk, linen and cotton which she later dyes with wildflowers. The headpieces were created exclusively for this photo session. Photography: Las Coleccionistas Models: Amber… Read More
Départs du Jour (SS18)

Départs du Jour

Départs du Jour SS18 This collection is for those who live in transit, shifting, in between places, always on the move. Cozy and fresh fabrics for summer urban activities. Find terracotta, indigo and mustard hues in this day light palette, easy to mix and feature with your outfit. Wearable headwear for daily use. Models: Anna… Read More
Daily practice

Daily practice

Daily Practice Models: Johanna Hohage, Patricia Dimier, (cover, Sabrina Lan) Art + Photography: Andrea Viêntëc, (cover, Sixiang Zhan) Outfits: Baserange This winter collection is inspired by our daily routines. What we normally do, and what we decide to skip that day might be so decisive it might change the course of things. Now bolder than previous… Read More
Early practices AW17 by Andrea Vientec

Early Practice

Early Practice AW17 This winter collection is inspired by morning routines and what follows to those. All the quirks and oddities taking place throughout the day. As a basic, neutral, pale palette serves the first hours of the day. Darker and busier features turn the relaxed morning practices into a more sophisticated ceremony. African patterns… Read More
Andrea Vientec - ACTWO By Helena Lucas and Sebastian Mallol


ACTWO This winter collection is set in an isolated desert landscape. Characters loosely robed act as forces confronting each other, silently in a struggle for their survival. The collection pieces gather hints from lost cultures in their soft tribal patterns. Featuring elegant castaway looks in a captivating powder palette. Art direction by Helena Lucas &… Read More
The Great Escape - SS16

The Great Escape

The Great Escape SS16 A hat and turban collection. Lush fibers and an easy-on-the-eye palette for midseason wear. Lightweight visors complete the series of garments suggesting both a nerd and provocative look. Photography: Montse Martin Models: Silvia Poch, Cristina Yelletisch Stylist: Eugenia Gusmerini Read More
Rust Archipielago - AW15

Rust Archipelago

As an introduction, an atmosphere is suggested: Memories in patterns remain in a time lapse, at times, dark moss and oxide hues revolve in search of familiar shapes. From the distance similar forms are found, put together resembling heads, now lumps, in no time they turn into shapeless fog matter. Photography: Alexandru Costin Models: Maria… Read More
Surrey Totems - SS15

Surrey Totems

Surrey Totems SS15 A while ago in Surrey, three magnificent totems emerged from a broken ground. Three formidable figures split in five. Their shapes were filled with moons and white whales as they remained invisible to the human eye. Find them still there exposed to the elements. This collection gathers features from Kohl (previous collection)… Read More
Kohl - AW/14


KOHL AW/14 Lengths of dunes will meet day in day out remaining formidable strangers. An ultramarine blue interrupts the everlasting mesh. Vast caravans of Kohl eyes will advance steadily. This Kohl which clears your tearducts will also protect your gaze from these winds loaded with ancient dust. This collection adapts to ancient North African desert… Read More