Hayley Mills Raffia Hat

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Hayley Mills Raffia Hat is a bold review on a classic sun hat. 

Hayley Mills wears a terrific hat with built in sunglasses in the film The Chalk Garden, an all time classic of summer films. This is a version of the iconic hat with a personal twist.

This piece contains an inner string to adjust to your size.

This exuberant garment provides a very powerful profile, a sculptorycal statement piece.
This grand conversation hat piece makes it suitable for evening and day wear.
The Hayley Mills Raffia Hat is a classic for millinery lovers and like most of our brand’s items this hat headband is unisex.
It will enhance any outfit, perfect for a sleek elegant look.

Please keep inside given cotton bag when not wearing it.
Handmade in Barcelona, Spain.

Andrea creates all collection, bespoke headwear and jewellery at her shop/atelier in Barcelona. We’ve uploaded a selection of these pieces in our online store, if you’d like to see more products such us unique garments, prototypes, bridal or event pieces etc please send us an email with your requests, we’ll love to hear from you!

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one size fits all.

Materials + care

Raffia and linen.
Please keep inside given cotton bag when not wearing it.
Dry clean only.