Second Skin Tank Top Black is a lush mesh garment.

The second skin tank top black it’s made out of stretchy extremely comfy elastic tulle fabric.
Wear it as a stand-alone piece or quietly concealed as an undergarment.

This Second Skin Tank Top Black is a classic and like most of our brand’s items this headband is unisex.

Handmade in Barcelona, Spain.

Andrea creates all collection, bespoke headwear and jewellery at her shop/atelier in Barcelona. We have uploaded a selection of these pieces in our online store, if you would like to see more products such us unique garments, prototypes, bridal or event pieces etc please send us an email with your requests, we’ll love to hear from you!



Additional information


L, M, S-M

Materials + care

Organic cotton.
Hand-wash separately with care, cold water, mild soap and no rubbing.